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Shandong Cast Care New Materials Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of ceramic foam filter for investment casting process. Currently we have 4000㎡ factory with 5 production line of series of filters. Castcare provide the belowed products:

  • ·ZL-SIC silicon carbide ceramic foam filters
  • ·ZL-ALO alumina ceramic foam filters
  • ·ZL-ZR0 zirconia ceramic foam filters
  • ·ZL-XW series fiber filter screen
  • ·ZL-ZK straight-hole ceramic filter
  • ·ZL-MK riser sleeve
  • ·ZL-FN furan resin
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We devote ourselves to support the best solutions of ceramic foam filters for global foundry enterprises.

Aluminium casting一

Alumina base ceramic foam filter——

Ceramic foam filter will be used to stop the impurities inside the Aluminum materials or the recycle aluminium.

Iron casting一

Silicon carbide base foam filter——

Silicon Carbide foam filters, also named SIC filters. Usually it is used before inject into the mould of castings. It can stop the impurities, reduce bubbles in the process. After filtration, the defective rate of goods will be reduced a lot.

Aluminium casting一

pre-heating process——

Before release the aluminium liquid pass the filters, the pre-heating process is necessary in order to avoid the aluminium liquid go for ingot when touching the filterss with low temparature.

Thermal imaging observation一

ceramic foam filter for casting——

Under the thermal imaging observation, the impurities and bubbles are stopped and can be seen clearly. Ceramic foam filters are widely used in the precision casting process.